club cryo

Ideal for clients wishing to do multiple cryo enhancements

Whether it's a Tummy Tuck & Frotox or a full body Cryo makeover, we have the affordable solution for you to receive all of the enhancements you'd like. 

Limited memberships available

We limit the number of Club Cryo members we have enrolled at any one time ensuring that you have access to our trained professionals to accommodate your busy schedule. 

Different levels to suit each person

Our custom Club Cryo levels ensure that there's a membership that fits your Cryo needs while helping you achieve the enhancements you desire.

Shared Membership Opportunity

Platinum memberships may also be shared between friends/family. Partner up to save even more and receive your Cryo enhancements with your loved one or close friend.

club cryo membership levels for cryotherapy

Membership Levels

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Add a footnote if this applies to your business

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